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About Us

Capro markets a series of newspapers which it represents to advertising agencies.  The value to advertisers is that our papers target discrete audiences at minimal cost.  Capro is a level 2 BBB-EE company.

Since its inception in 1950, it has played an important role in the development of the community/local newspaper market.

We provide expertise to media planners and advertisers.

Our excellent booking systems provides seamless and trouble free placement of adverts. Publishers, who use our services, receive a host of benefits so that they can focus on producing their newspaper for their audiences to enjoy.

Capro has grown its community newspaper representation to over 100 titles. It offers a unique advertising procurement service.



At Impreshin we believe in community publications.

Our core focus is Research & Development specifically aimed at the "small voices".

We have built a set of tools to help publishers with their every-day tasks, this includes applications which handle adverts, editorial, full page pdfs etc.

With this in mind we believe Capro to be an important factor in keeping the publishers' doors open, therefore we have sponsored the development of this website.

Why communities matter

In today's world people generally consider news to be free and audiences will consume news in a variety of ways. Often the news of the day comes from the same source and news media channels often repeat the same stories, so few news stories remain exclusive.

On the other hand community newspapers might not have national breaking news stories in their own right, but they do relate to the audiences that read their papers and those stories still do have some exclusivity.

Often these stories are simply about some local school's achievement, or a road or park that needs attention- things that really are of interest at a local level.

This attracts readers and the publishers of these papers are often well known in their community as a result.

It is an inevitable consequence of the above that local retailers and businesses find it worthwhile to advertise in these community papers as there is minimal wastage in doing so because their target market are the self-same readers.

The newspaper's value to advertisers is in its shelf life and tangibility,

unlike many digital products which goes as quickly as it comes.

The logical conclusion is that community newspapers work for advertisers, both small and large.

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