Polokwane Observer

Frequency: Weekly
Print Order: 10 000
Cover Price: Sold
Languages: English, Afrikaans
LSM Group: 6-10

Polokwane Observer

Polokwane Observer is a refreshing breeze in the community press division of South Africa. It is a modern, comprehensive newspaper, elegant and a yardstick for the industry. It knows its readers and writes for them. It’s incisive, relevant and critical. Pages have impact from the front to the back. Comments, letters, you name it, it is there. It’s a pleasure to read and a winner in the industry.

Polokwane Observer is rated the top local newspaper in South Africa in the category for corporate newspapers with a circulation less than 10 000. The newspaper won the prestigious MDDA/Sanlam Awards for Local Media six times since its foundation – during 2005 and thereafter for five consecutive years (2009 to 2013). As a multiple award winner in various other competitions, the newspaper doesn’t shy away from tackling issues in its community, but also goes to great lengths to portray daily life in Polokwane and Limpopo.

The newspaper is actively involved in many community projects and fully supports the many service organisations that operate in the area. With an LSM from 6 to 10 it takes full advantage of the metropolitan hub of the Limpopo capital and also business and residential communities in its area of distribution.

Circulation/ABC: 6981
Format: Tabloid
Day of Publication: Thursday
Target Market: Black - White