Midlands News

Frequency: Weekly
Print Order: 850
Cover Price: Sold
Languages: English, Afrikaans
LSM Group: 4-7

Midlands News

Midlands News is a weekly publication with a print order of  850.

Midlands News followed after a history of other publications such as The Cradock Despatch that was established on 21 November 1850. The Cradock Despatch which was distributed in Cradock unfortunately had a short existence as it was terminated in 1851. On 5 January 1858 the “Cradock Register” publication began.

In 1959 the Midlands News and The Afrikaner were sold to White & Broughton Publishers.

These two newspapers were a tradition in Cradock and they achieved their aim by informing the inhabitants of the local news. During 1985 the Midlands News was purchased by the Wood brothers from De Aar Printers and to this day they continue to publish this newspaper weekly in Cradock. Clarence Wood is the sole owner of the Midlands News since 1990.


Format: Tabloid
Day of Publication: Friday
Target Market: White - Coloured