Pondo News

Frequency: Weekly
Print Order: 10 000
Cover Price: Free
Languages: English, Xhosa
LSM Group: 3-9

Pondo News

Pondo News is a free newspaper, distributing 10 000 copies weekly on a Friday.

Pondo News was established in 1996 as a sole proprietor business and in 2008 it became a registered - Close Corporation.

This publication targets mainly the Black market, especially those in the Transkei and Eastern Cape region.  It is the leading Xhosa publication in the region with an estimated readership of about 4 – 6 readers per copy.  Due to the newspapers popularity government officials requested it be distributed to Government Departments as well as in schools throughout the region and this resulted in distribution to Ixopo and Umzimkulu, which form part of the Harry Gwala Municipality.

Format: Tabloid
Day of Publication: Friday
Target Market: Black