Laudium Sun

Frequency: Weekly
Print Order: 16 000
Cover Price: Free
Languages: English
LSM Group: 6-10

Laudium Sun

Laudium Sun has been circulating for more than 30 years and together with 8 other publications, is owned by the NisMedia Group, which also owns Glow TV, available on DSTV, OVHD and StarSat platforms.

The newspaper is delivered door-to-door in residential areas, whereby mainly people of Indian origin live. The paper is a household name amongst the community.

At the NisMedia Group, we aim to redefine the media vehicle through passionate creative decisions, innovative business ventures and contemporary concepts that are applicable and relevant in an ever-changing business environment. By achieving this, we set ourselves apart from our competitors and ensure a greater return on investment for our clients, through cutting edge innovation and bold application. Our papers also go online each week, with readership increasing all the time. We pride ourselves as being the largest privately owned print media company in Gauteng that is 100% black empowered.

Format: Tabloid
Day of Publication: Friday
Target Market: Indian - Black