Frequency: Weekly
Print Order: 17 000
Cover Price: Free
Languages: English, Afrikaans
LSM Group: 5-8


The Herrie newspaper is a 23 year old Thursday tradition in the Klein Karoo providing an accessible medium of communication to the people in the surrounding areas. This publication is FREE of charge and carries all the property, classifieds, motoring, memoriam, local government advertisements/ tenders and national advertisements. We know our market and our market knows us.

It is said that: “Klein Karoo without Herrie is like ‘kerriekos’ without ‘kerrie’!”

Herrie is without a doubt the oil in the Klein Karoo’s business machine. It is a quarter-fold paper, printed by Group Editors, George on newsprint. The Herrie has its own successful website with good readership statistics. www.herrie.co.za

Format: Tabloid
Day of Publication: Thursday
Target Market: White - Coloured - Black