Al Qalam ( National)

Frequency: Monthly
Print Order: 32 000
Cover Price: Free
Languages: English
LSM Group: 4-9

Al Qalam ( National)

Al-Qalam is in existence for the past 45 years and has become a household name with the community who look upon our newspaper as a reliable reference & reputable source.Response to adverts appearing in the Al-Qalam has been exceptional.Al-Qalam is the only National Newspaper distributed free throughout the Republic South Africa. The newspaper provides news and views for the discerning and serious readers.

Al-Qalam keeps the community informed on any global issues in the Muslim world.

Al Qalam (National) with a print order of 32 000 copies 

Circulation/ABC: 22909
Format: Tabloid
Day of Publication: Monthly
Target Market: Indian - Black - Coloured - White